Frequently Asked Questions

Barn Questions

  • How big is the barn and what's the guest capacity?

    The barn is 96 feet long x 60 feet wide and approximately 7,000 square feet including the second floor, and it can comfortably fit up to 180 guests.

  • Is the barn heated and air-conditioned?

    Yes! The barn is equipped with a high-efficiency heating and cooling system and we host events all year!

  • Is the barn handicap accessible?

    Yes! Outside, we have paved sidewalks from the parking lot to the barn as well as designated handicap parking spaces by the doors. Inside, our first floor is ADA compliant. This includes the main hall, restrooms, and one of our three wedding suites.

  • How many parking spots are there?

    We have about 80 parking spaces available in our paved lot and there are three handicap spots near the main entrance. The parking lot is big enough for most events, but if you have over 150 guests we highly recommend hiring a transportation company to help shuttle guests back and forth from local hotels.

  • Are there areas to take photos?

    You can take photos wherever you’d like around the property.  Some popular locations include the ceremony area, the meadow, our gardens, and in front on the barn doors both inside and outside.

  • Do you allow any open flames / candles inside?

    For fire prevention and insurance purposes, we do not allow any flamed candles of any size or shape inside the barn, unless they're provided and "installed" by one of the event designers listed on our preferred vendor list. Oftentimes clients will use flameless LED candles instead.

Wedding Questions

  • Will you setup / assemble or cleanup any large / heavy rental equipment?

    We are happy to coordinate the drop-off and pick-up times with the Rental company, but will not setup, assemble or pickup large or heavy rental items, such as tables, chairs, dinnerware and anything requiring assembly. The drop-off window for those items is 30-minutes before the client has access to the barn to 5-hours before the wedding begins, and the pick-up window is 30 - 60 minutes after the wedding has ended.

  • How much does it cost to host my wedding there?

    The price to host your wedding reception at the barn varies between $5,000 and $19,500, depending upon the month of the year and the day of the week. For detailed pricing and and availability, please contact us.

  • What's included with the wedding reception fee?

    The reception fee for a weekend (Friday - Sunday) wedding includes the following:
    • Use of the barn for your reception during the day of your wedding for five hours (Up to 1 hour can be added to your reception for a fee and must be arranged at least 30-days in advance)
    • Access to the barn and bridal suites for preparation & decorating the day of your wedding starting at 9:00 AM (Access at 8:00 AM can be provided for a fee and must be arranged 30-days in advance)
    • Day-of reception coordination by one of our experienced wedding coordinators.
    • Up to 20 sixty-inch round tables and up to 180 wooden Chiavari chairs.
    • Ivory tablecloths & your choice of over a dozen napkin colors / patterns.
    • Set-up and take-down of the tables, tablecloths, napkins, and chairs on the barn and the patio.
    • 30-foot x 30-foot white frame party tent installed on one half of the outdoor patio (May – November only)
    • Tent sidewalls and a propane tent heater can be provided for a fee and must be arranged 7-days in advance.
    • Fully stocked bar with 1-3 bartenders depending upon the final guest count.
    • Choice of catering from one of our exclusive caterers for your reception lunch or dinner.

    The reception fee for a weekday (Monday - Thursday) wedding includes the same as a weekend wedding except for the following:
    • Use of the barn for up to 3 hours for your reception.
    • Access to the barn and bridal suites 2 hours before your ceremony or reception.

  • Can I get ready at the barn?

    Of course! We have three suites in total. There are two suites on the second floor, each with a designated restroom and balconies overlooking the main hall. There is also a suite on the first floor. For your wedding, we ask that you pick two out of the three to get ready in. The third then becomes storage for your decorations and a space for your vendors to eat during your event.

  • Do you have a minimum guest count for weddings?

    Saturday and Friday wedding receptions between May and October are required to have at least 100 guests in attendance. If less than 100 guests are in attendance, there will be a fee per guest under 100 which will be applied to the final bill. There are no minimum guest count requirements for other months or days of the year.

  • How many weddings do you host per day?

    We only host one wedding per day!

  • When can I arrive at the barn to start getting ready for my wedding?

    For weekend weddings (Fri-Sun), you can arrive at 9 AM to start decorating and getting ready for your wedding. For weekday weddings (Mon-Thu), you can arrive 2 hours before your ceremony. From 9 -11 AM, we may be hosting tours and/or rehearsals, but the bridal suites will be off limits and after that the barn is all yours!

  • When is my wedding coordinator assigned?

    Your wedding coordinator will be assigned to you six months prior to your wedding date. In the meantime, please reach out to with any questions.

  • What can we bring with us when we're getting ready?

    When couples are getting ready at the barn prior to their event, we allow them to bring water, coffee, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, Bluetooth speakers, clothing, make-up, and yard games. If you have additional questions about what is and what isn't allowed, please contact us.

  • When does the wedding reception start and end?

    Wedding ceremonies & receptions cannot start until 10:00 AM and must end before 10:00 PM.

    Weekend weddings include a 5-hour reception, which usually begins immediately after the ceremony at the start of cocktail hour and ends 5 hours later.

    Weekday weddings include a 3-hour reception, but that length can be extended for an additional fee.

    Cleaning up of your decorations can be done after the wedding reception ends.

  • Can we leave our decorations overnight?

    Since we typically have events the following day, we ask that all decorations brought into the barn are removed the same day as the wedding / event.

  • Can I extend the length of my wedding reception?

    Yes, you can extend the length of your wedding reception, but there is an additional fee and you must notify us at least 30 days before your wedding. For more details, please speak with your coordinator or contact us.

Ceremony Questions

  • What's included with the wedding ceremony fee?

    The wedding ceremony fee includes the following:
    • Set up and take down of ceremony chairs for your guests. For outdoor ceremonies, up to 180 white chairs. For indoor ceremonies, up to 130 chiavari chairs, depending upon the guest count and table layout. All other guests will be seated at their reception tables.
    • Private access to the ceremony area for your wedding ceremony (no time limit).
    • Wedding ceremony and rehearsal coordination. This includes an in-person 'final details' meeting with you about 2 months prior to your wedding.
    • A ceremony rehearsal prior to your wedding.

  • What happens if it's raining during my ceremony?

    If the weather prevents your ceremony from taking place outside as planned, we can host it inside! This decision can be made the day of your wedding. We will just need a minimum of four hours to make the transition successful.

  • When can we schedule our wedding ceremony rehearsal?

    Couples have the following options for scheduling their wedding ceremony rehearsal:

    Option 1: Within six months of your wedding date, you can contact us to schedule your rehearsal for 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM on one of the three days preceding your wedding date.

    Option 2: Within four months of your wedding date, you can contact us to schedule a rehearsal lunch or dinner on one of the three days preceding your wedding date. *

    Option 3: Within two months of your wedding date, you can contact us to schedule your rehearsal on one of the three days preceding your wedding date, if available.

    Option 4: You can wait until your “Final Details Meeting” to schedule your rehearsal.

  • Can we have our rehearsal dinner or lunch at the barn?

    Yes! You can book your rehearsal dinner or lunch with us up to four months prior to your wedding date. Please contact us for availability, pricing, and additional details.

Bar Questions

  • Are there any open bar options?

    Yes! We have many different open bar packages available. For pricing and details, please contact us.

  • Do you have a food and beverage minimum?

    We do not have a food and beverage minimum. A food and beverage minimum is when a venue requires the couple / client to spend at least some specific amount on food and beverages in order to use the space.

  • How long can the bar remain open?

    Regardless of the length of an event, the bar can only be open for a maximum of five hours.

  • Do I need to bring my ID to the event/wedding?

    Yes! We card every guest that looks under the age of 35 years of age, including the bridal party. If you do not have your ID, unfortunately we are unable to serve you alcohol.

  • Can vendors consume alcohol while working at the barn?

    While vendors are working at the barn, we do not allow them to consume any alcohol. This includes hair stylists, make-up artists, bands, DJs, photographers, videographers, etc.

Food Questions

  • Do you cook and serve the food?

    We do not cook or serve the food. For weddings, we work with four exclusive caterers that couples can choose from. The caterers use our dedicated prep kitchen to serve your guests. Please visit our vendors page for more information. For corporate and social events, clients can work with any licensed and insured caterer or restaurant.

  • Do you offer gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or other cultural options?

    All of our exclusive wedding caterers offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. If you need a kosher or specific cultural option, please contact us and we will find a way to accommodate you.

  • Does the food need to be provided by one of the exclusive caterers?

    For weddings, yes it does. Our exclusive caterers are very well versed in catering weddings at the barn and offer a wide selection of cuisines at different price points. Desserts and any other food consumed during the event must be prepared at a licensed and insured establishment.

    For social & corporate events, you can have food provided by any licensed and insured restaurant or caterer.

  • Can we bring in our own food or beverages?

    For weddings, you cannot bring in your own food or beverages. One of our exclusive wedding caterers must provide the food and all beverages must be served from our bar. Desserts can also be provided by any licensed and insured establishment. We do allow couples to bring in non-alcoholic food and beverages during the morning while they're getting ready though.

    For social and corporate events, clients can bring in food as long as it's from a licensed and insured restaurant or caterer.

  • Do you charge a cake-cutting fee?

    Most of our exclusive wedding caterers do not charge a cake-cutting fee, but if this is a service you need, we recommend reaching out to them directly.

  • Can my family member bake my wedding cake?

    A friend or family member can bake your wedding cake / desserts if they operate a bakery / establishment, and are fully licensed and insured to serve food. They will need to provide the barn with a proof of license and a COI (Certificate of Insurance) to ensure the safety of your guests.

Event Questions

  • How much does it cost to host an event there?

    The price to host a social or corporate event with us varies depending upon many different things. For an exact price and availability please contact us.

  • What's included with the venue fee for events?

    Our venue fee for a social or corporate event includes the following:

    • Exclusive use of the barn, patio, and surrounding area for a specified time.
    • Access to the barn prior to the event to decorate and prepare for specified time.
    • 30-foot x 30-foot white frame party tent installed on one half of the outdoor patio from May to November only (Tent sidewalls and a tent heater can be provided for a fee and must be arranged 7-days in advance)
    • Audio-visual package (speakers, microphone, projector, and screen) for an additional $100
    • Round tables and banquet chairs set up inside the barn for up to the specified guest count
    • Tablecloths (Napkins can be rented for a fee)
    • Fully stocked bar with 1-3 bartenders depending upon guest count
    • Set-up and take-down of the tables, tablecloths, napkins, and chairs.
    • Cleaning of the barn excluding food and any client-supplied decorations

  • Do you have any audio-visual equipment?

    We have an audio-visual package that can be used at corporate & social events. The package includes speakers, microphone, stands, a projector, projector screen and set-up and take-down. For more details and pricing please contact us.

Other Questions

  • Do you allow tents or campers on the property?

    No, we do not allow any campers or tents of any kind on the property.

  • Can we come for a tour?

    Absolutely! Please contact us to schedule a tour.

  • Can we bring our pets to the barn?

    Absolutely! We love pets and welcome you to include them in your outdoor ceremony. Once cocktail hours starts and food is served, they are no longer allowed inside the barn.

  • Do you have any hidden fees?

    Nope! There are no hidden fees to book a wedding or event with us. You'll only be charged an additional fee if you select any add-on options or cause damage to the barn.

  • Can we change our wedding or event date after booking?

    You cannot change your wedding or event date after it's been booked. If there is an emergency, please contact us.

  • Can we leave cars there overnight?

    Cars can be left in the parking lot overnight.  We just ask that they be picked up by 10:00 AM the following morning. 

  • Can we set up yard games?

    Yes, we do allow yard games to be played on the concrete patio behind the barn, but not on any of the grass surrounding the barn.

  • Can we smoke at the barn?

    We do allow smoking but only in designated areas. This includes the back patio and outside the main entrance. Please discard all remains in the designated receptacles.

  • Do you allow fireworks or sparklers?

    We do not allow fireworks on the property. With that said, we do allow sparklers, but only if you purchase our Sparkler Moment Package. Please contact us for pricing and additional details.

  • How should our guests get back and forth from the barn to their hotel?

    Hiring a transportation service is a great way to get guests to and from the local hotels. We have a list of preferred vendors that we can share with you if you're interested.

  • Do you have on-site accommodations?

    We do not have any on-site accommodations. With that said, there are 10 hotels located less than 15 minutes away from the barn. Please visit our vendors page for a list of these. Many of them even offer discounted pricing if you've booked your event with us!

  • Can we decorate the ceremony pavilion and the inside of the barn?

    Yes! We invite you to personalize the barn with your own decorations for your wedding / event. Your decorations need to be cleaned up and removed at the end of the event and we do not allow any open flames, bubbles (inside), helium balloons, silly string, or glow sticks. In addition, centerpieces cannot include loose items such as glitter, glass, or sand. Lastly, we ask that you not puncture the wood in any way while decorating. Many couples utilize zip-ties, fishing line, or scotch tape to attach decorations.

  • Can I hold my wedding reception or party outdoors?

    Even though the barn is located over a quarter-mile from the road, it is in a residential neighborhood, so out of respect for our neighbors we do not allow receptions or parties to be held outdoors. With that said, we do have a 2000 square foot patio on the backside of the barn, that can be used throughout your wedding / event.

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